Install SailfishOS X (for other phone model) on Sony Xperia 10 II failed [solved]

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often):
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (XA2, Xperia 10…):
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?):


Unlocked the device prepared the environment and started with flash,sh


unlocked device


  1. connected device (with blue light)
  2. start


Start of the flash process.


~/System/SailfishOS$ sudo bash
Detected Linux
Searching device to flash…
Found XQ-AU52, baseband:1320-5254_59.1.A.2.28, bootloader:1320-2835_X_Boot_SM6125_LA2.0.1_R_113
Found 0 devices:
Incorrect number of devices connected. Make sure there is exactly one device connected in fastboot mode.


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with fastboot the device is found.
sudo fastboot devices
QV725CBA3A fastboot

You’re trying to install Xperia X software onto a phone that hasn’t had it’s official software released. Sailfish_OS-Jolla- is the Xperia X version. You’ll just need to be patient sorry, until the Xperia 10 II version comes out.

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bug report??? really???


Well as others have pointed out 4.1 is not out yet, the script found your device during the run and did the smart thing to not run the rest.

When it is done :tm:, you can try again.

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Ok I’m sorry!
But with the news from 22nd of April it is possible to understnd that the free version is possible to use for testing before the commercial version is available.
" You’ll be pleased to hear then that the Xperia 10 II release is imminent, and that there will be a free version available from the Jolla Shop for you to try out. This will offer all of the usual non-paid features of Sailfish OS. Having installed the free version, you’ll be able to upgrade it to the full paid version later. This free version will be made available as soon as the next Sailfish OS release lands, …"
A link for a test version would be fine.

As said in the quote, the release is imminent but not yet released !

How can you understand that? There is future tense everywhere in your quoted sentence :laughing:


I actually agree that the page is unclear and it could be taken to understand the free version is available now.

How do you understand this?
It says there “will” be a free version, not there “is”.

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Yes but on the shop page there is also the link for the free Sailfish for ‘supported devices’, without specifying what those are. As they say the free version for Xperia 10ii will come first it’s quite easy to understand to mean you can download the free version there now and later ‘coming soon’ the commercial one will appear.

Is it really worth discussing further here? Wherefor? … riding a dead horse?
Let’s consentrate to important questions and wait for the solution)
Thank you for the support of all of you.