Install Sailfish on Smart TVs

Are you aware of any possible smart tv where to install sailfish os? Are there any open models suitable to it? Would it be technically possible?
I’m not aware of any porting for smart tvs.

I am not even aware of Custom ROM’s for TV’s using Android TV so I am guessing the answer is NO ?! :slight_smile:

However if you want something different for your TV that is Linux based and you have a spare Raspberry Pi 4B (the 4G/8GB versions) laying around then you could try this : :wink:

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no way imho. You could use any old PC or Laptop with Kodi.

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Thank you, I’m aware of both plasma bigscreen and kodi, I was guessing if that solution was possible with sailfish too. In theory a HDMI mini pc with sfos x86 and libCEC integrated should do.

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but why use SFOS and not just any tiny Kodi Linux Image?

But that PC or Laptop should support H.265 Decoding via the GPU for example, because otherwise it’s pretty useless these days… :wink:

Depending on the services you want to use both of them might not be the right choice and a full blown HTPC might be the better option with a regular Linux distro or even Windows installed on it! :slight_smile:

sure nero, whatever are the needs. I have a gaming PC connected running Windows. For my kids a old GPD Win 1 (Intel Atom, 4gb ram) running Fedora with Kodi. It’s enough for their needs watching prime video kids, movies and music. Whatever, everything that came out 10 years ago is better and more secure than what they build into the TVs. But I really have no point in running SFOS on a TV, so much I like it on my phone.

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Well, it appears there was development of custom Android TV builds for AMLogic chipset televisions, by the name of atvXperience. That said, Sailfish doesn’t really have the user interface to work with a TV. At this time, it isn’t even really usable without a touchscreen.

Jolla’s clearly trying to expand into other markets. If companies don’t want to use Sailfish OS, they may appreciate the ability to use their own tailored Linux distribution and AppSupport. The possibilities are still there for Sailfish, though. Tablet support is still there, even if real multitasking features aren’t really implemented. And of course, we mustn’t forget showcases like the LG Watch Urbane with the Sailfish-themed AsteroidOS.

Right now, though, smart TV support doesn’t seem practical. There’s no way to use entertainment apps like Netflix or Prime Video without that app support, which is only on Sailfish X. WayDroid is progressing, so a substitution may be possible eventually, but naturally, most would prefer native apps. There’s just no rhyme or reason for a port like that right now.

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LG Mobile has been shut down so LG Watches are no longer an option I think ?!

I said nothing about LG in particular being an option. That showcase was back in 2016 and, as mentioned, was not even running on Sailfish, but rather the AsteroidOS project with a functional proof-of-concept Sailfish look and feel. AsteroidOS has substantially more devices supported than the small number of LG watches (support for Huawei, Motorola, Asus, Ticwatch, etc), and the crew are now maintaining a semi-official SFOS client.