Install SailFish on LG V930

I have an older model AT&T LG V930 X10.1 mobile tablet that is running Android 6. I was told the tablet will be a boat anchor within the next few months because Android will shut down any devices running the droid 6 OS. I have been trying to find a new Linux OS (or ANY new OS for that matter) to run on the tablet. The tablet is in new condition without even a scratch on the screen. I take extremely good care of all my devices. I was on a flight the other day and found a girl who had the same LG V930 mobile tablet. It was not a rooted tablet. But, it was running the Sailfish distro on it. I have looked on the SailFish site and the device availability list but, I don’t see any installation package for an LG V930, or any LG device. She said she purchased the device with the OS installed on it. But she was not able to furnish me with any information about where she purchased the V930. Does anyone have any ideas how that install was done? My “idea” has been to try and get the tablet working with any Linux distro since both my laptops and both my desk tops run Ubuntu. I have been told this is impossible. But being retired military, nothing is impossible. Anyone have any ideas?

Yes, you should ask LG why they are selling trash and the politicians why they are not doing anything against this business!

Once you don’t take “rooted” literally anymore (you’re removing the current os and replace it with one where you have root access, though) those become mutually exclusive. Unlocking the bootloader of your tablet will require similar steps as rooting it. So try to unlock the bootloader 1st, if you made it, you can continue trying to install SFOS if a port is available or if you’re comfortable doing it, trying to port SFOS for the device.

There is no way to trick a locked bootloader. Period. When you circumvent it, you’ve unlocked it.