Install Sailfish on a locked Android XA2

So, I finally found a new motherboard for my XA2.
Kindly offered by a member which I warmly thank.
The hickup is that he bought the donating XA2 broken, for parts. Android is installed on it and I don’t have the lockcode.

Emma wants the code before to do anything, as well as Xperia Companion.
Keyspresses combinations at boot do nothing, at most 3 vibrations.
I saw softwares on the net, as Dr.Fone but have a relative trust in that kind of sites/softwares.

The question:
Is there a way to unlock or better, reset the phone without the lockcode or should I just pass my way and find another replacement motherboard?

Thanks for your suggestions

Do you know which provider the installed XA2 was with before?
Can’t you “beg” your current provider to reset the phone?
When/if this is done, you should definitely run EMMA again.

To use Emma the bootloader needs to be unlocked. To reset the android pin there is a software available, I’ve only used it for “bootloader unlock”, it costs 28€ so a bit pricey.

Booting into recovery with Vol Down+Power
(from turned off phone) doesn’t work?

I have no idea of the provider the phone was with.
I’m not sure this would help, as the lock code belongs to Android.

Ok, thank you, this program or one similar if I find cheaper, will be the solution if nothing felse works.

I’m afraid -and I didn’t realize while using SFOS- that this only works with unlocked bootloaders.

Soo, after many trial/error a long finally successful process, I managed to install SFOS on this other ways sentenced XA2 motherboard.

First, I bypassed the lock code.
But that was not enough, then I hit the Google FRP (Factory Reset Protection) lock. Google mail address and password were required to enter into Android and/or re-flash the phone with Xperia Companion, Emma being usable only with unlocked bootloader.

Frankly, that was a hard task, but I admire how people can find the small breaches in such a system.

Not sure I should give links and tricks as I don’t want to ease phone thieve’s task.
PM me, in case, and if you are here and known since some time, I’ll transmit them.

Basically, the idea was to access settings and be able to execute apps on a locked phone.
The path is thin and tortuous, but very interesting.

Well, just to say it’s not hopeless.
So another SFOS device is born.
Many thanks to the french SFOS group user, which thought back of his old broken XA2, abandoned in a drawer, when I said I broke mine. He shipped it to me very kindly.


And many thanks to @jolla who just transferred the license from the broken phone to this ‘new’ one!

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