Install from SD card?

My sony xperia 10 iii has some problems with its usb port so i’m wondering if it’s possible to flash sailfish os from the sd card?

From some quick ducking it seems like there are mentions on the internet of being able to select a zip file from fastboot, but no mention in reference to sailfish os.

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Good idea!

Feature request: This would be the top-hit if installing SFOS would be possible by preparing a SD card in the right way, insert it into a new (or old) phone and then boot into fastboot, recovery or whatever and reflash a device!

Wäre es, mit Lineage, Iodé oder Divest geht das.

Translation server error?


AFAIK it is how Sony flash tool works. So it is vendor specific. Fastboot is running on your PC, so the ZIP file most likely resides also on your PC.
When there are issues with the USB port - it is better to replace the USB module.