Install .apk in Koli 4.0.1

hullo, installing .apk don’t seem to work in 4.0.1 Koli. I try to install F-Droid, but it does not seem to work. Or do I miss a trick?

Hi. Which phone, and how did you try to install it?
For me on a XA2, clicking on an APK from the file manager works more or less (there is not feedback at all, it’s not asking for confirmation):

  • If the app wasn’t installed already it just suddenly appears in the app drawer
  • If the app is already installed, it does nothing. To downgrade an app, I need to uninstall it first

But I had the same in 3.4 actually so it’s maybe the standard behaviour with Android support 8/9? (On a Xperia X in 3.4 there is a confirmation screen)

it’s a XA2. I deleted fake store from microG, as self check signaled Play store install or signature is not ok, and for some reason F-Droid stopped to show anything.
Thank you, uninstall and re-install helped.
(However my primary problem,Signature spoof for fake store / fake store install, has not yet resolved)

For the signature spoof, until Jolla releases a fix, it’s easy to fix it yourself (thanks to community findings!):

thank you. Being quite innocent with computers i will soon try that.

I installed the Storeman APK from openrepos after updating my XA2 to 4.0.1 - it worked fine for me. MicroG and signature spoofing are also still fine even though I have deinstalled Android Support prior to updating in order to free some space from the system memory (that is why I also deinstalled Storeman and only reinstalled it after the update)

So, the problem you mention appears not being a general issue with