Install apk fails ... ** command "unzip" not found (

I tried to install an apk. Failed with and the error message "** command “unzip” not found "

What am I doing wrong?

Which device? Could you provide the apk? On my side, unzip seems to work correctly.

That’s the error message that appears because of Sailjail when trying to preview the contents of an archive file using an old version of File Browser (older than 2.5.1) from Jolla store.

To install a package, you have to use the pulley menu and select “install”. (You probably tapped the file icon or swiped right from the file details page.) Installing should work even with the version from Jolla store.

I recommend to update to version 2.5.1 from OpenRepos.

Unzip does work correctly on SFOS 4.4 but it is not available for sandboxed apps. File Browser uses external commands for some file previews (and for calculating folder sizes).

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