Incoming voice calls don't get rejected / hangup (same bug via the UI and programmatically)

I do not seek help of anyone but Jolla (in terms of fixing this issue). I don’t think anyone else can do it.

This forum is called Bug Reports and it is meant to report bugs. So I reported it, i.e. used this forum for what it is meant for.

It is not true that this function is not important for other users. There is another thread (and several similar older threads on TJC and TMO) where many people request the ability to block / reject unwanted calls. Such function isn’t doable with this bug present because - as I described in that thread - it also makes it impossible to hangup calls programmatically.

Completely switching the phone to silent definitely isn’t an option if one also gets important calls that cannot be missed.

Long story short, rejecting calls is the most basic phone functionality that works on ALL other existing phones and mobile operating systems. There is no sane excuse for it not working correctly on SFOS. Jolla, please fix it.

Well, as I said, works for most users most of the time.
Why don’t you ask on the ofono mailinglist at ofono/ofono.git - Open Source Telephony file a support request at zendesk (

Can’t you coprehend that this is a “Bug report” forum meant to report bugs, so this bug was simply reported here as intended?

Just tried to help, since this bug only appears in certain settings and cannot be reproduced easily.

Well, 4 people in this thread could reproduce vs 7 who couldn’t. So it’s not as rare and hard to reproduce as you’re suggesting. 4 vs. 7 is almost 30%, i.e. every third person. Definitely enough not to ignore it.

Just for info, I’ve logged an internal bug report about this, following @dcaliste mentioning it during the community meeting today.


Thank you @flypig. After a bit of investigation from my side, I’m proposing the following PR :

It’s fixing the issue for me and the caller is properly sent to the voicemail.

Let’s wait and see the comments from review…


Amazing, thank you @dcaliste. This falls well outside my area of understanding, but hopefully @slava will be able to take a look.

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@dcaliste, @flypig Amazing! Thank you so much!

@dcaliste Can I help with further tests somehow?

What device do you have ? An arm64 one or a armv7hl ? Is running 4.3 ? I can backport the patch and compile a package for you if you want to test it.

@dcaliste Yes, please, I would love to test it! I’ve got XA2 Ultra Dual-SIM, i.e. armv7hl. It is running

Thank you.

Here is ofono recompiled with the patch for SailfishOS 4.3 on armv7hl :

Use it with caution. One can still go back to Jolla ofono version with devel-su pkcon install ofono. Hopefully it will solve the issue for you also.


@dcaliste YES, this is a 100% fix! Now every single time it works exactly as it should, i.e. the caller is sent to voicemail. No erroneous “quick busy tone”, no phantom double ringing. I tested it literally dozens of times, with a 100% positive result.

Thank you so much for your help. I hope that it’ll be included in the upcoming OS updates by default…

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That’s good news actually !

About the patch, I’ve no idea if it will be included in the next release, maybe more probably in the next next one. @slava is currently reviewing it, discussing some technical hickups in its current form. Nothing blocking, but one needs to be precise and correct.


Of course, I fully understand.
Anyway, some further tests (calls from other networks and several different phone models) fully confirm that this is a 100% solution. Once again, thank you very much!

P.S. If OS update 4.4 comes without this patch, do you think it’ll be safe to install the one you’ve compiled for 4.3? Or should it be recompiled for 4.4?

No, one needs to recompile. In 4.3, the patch has to be applied in sailfishos/ofono, but in 4.4, the code has been out sourced and moved to a dedicated package : mer-hybris/ofono-ril-plugin. I can provide the package if needed. No problem.

@dcaliste Then I’ll be extremely grateful if you could share it compiled for 4.4…

Due to enormous amounts of unwanted calls I fully rely on ability to block such calls (I’ve made an application for it which I’ll make available soon). For that single reason I kept using BB Passport until now and refrained from switching to SFOS as daily driver. Your patch made me fully switch to SFOS yesterday. So when 4.4 comes out, this patch will be the very first thing for me to apply…

Thank you!

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@dcaliste Sorry, one last question. As my Jolla 1 (SFOS 3.4) also suffers from this problem, is it OK to install the patch supplied by you on it, or does it also need a version compiled specifically for OS 3.4?

No it would be better with a dedicated version. I’ll see to compile one in the coming days.

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