Improve end call button responsiveness

The end call button is unacceptably slow and unresponsive. Usually I need to press the button several times to hang up a call. It also happened once that I believed I had hung up the call but it had not, and another time that I had pressed too many times so clicking on the “call again” button, which anyway is itself so unbearably slow that I only realised I had started a new call when I heard the sound in the speaker. Moreover, the button does not provide any kind of feedback when pressed, be it visual, aural or haptic. This feedback is essential and I cannot understand why such a simple but important feature is overlooked.


Totally agree!
To me it happens all the time, that instead of pressing the hang up button, the call is already ended (by the remote side) so the click becomes a “call again” press, because they are in the same location, and the UI is late.


Are you using Automatic call recording -patch? It adds a 1-s delay on purpose.
I’m using it always, so can’t say about delays without the patch.

No, I keep my phone patch-free because I am part of the early access program and I install updates as soon as they are available, so I prefer to keep my system as standard as possible.

The entire phone app is what needs to be fixed. With COVID and working from home I use my phone for actual calls a lot now. And the phone app frequently gives audio and haptic feedback when when dialing, but it still leaves out digits that I have pushed and gotten feedback on. It’s very frustrating. And I frequently hit the CALL button, nothing happens, so I will go to hit it again, and just as I am it starts dialing–and I hang up instead. Very slow, not accurate, all around basic. And the fact that it looks almost exactly like the phone’s lock screen also causes confusion at times (I think I am dialing but am on the lock screen). Needs a total overhaul.