Improve Dual-SIM support

Dual SIM phones are nice, but while they work more or less in SFOS, there’s room for improvement in some areas:

  1. Bluetooth HFP etc: A more or less random SIM is selected for outgoing calls (apparently it’s the “last active” SIM). This should be selectable in Bluetooth Settings. A global option would be sufficient, an additional per-pairing setting would be super nice. Asking per-connection is no-go (think cars).
  2. Seeing which SIM is which: Currently SIM card are hard coded as SIM1 and SIM2 in the UI. They should have user-friendly (user-set) names so it’s possible to see which does which.
  3. Documentation and instrumentation for developers to use the dual SIMs should be improved.

There are numerous suggestions on that in the old forum. I had spent quite some time on mine, which is pretty detailed.

The final two:

I reproduce it here, because I still need all of these functionalities…

I have been a Sailfish user for 2 years and recently started using the dual SIM to have a work phone I can disconnect on week-ends and vacation, and despite working fairly well, I’m not totally happy with the way dual sim are handled.

I decided to have 2 SIMs so that certain colleagues do not know my personal phone number… And if I have selected my personal SIM (let’s say it’s SIM 2) and receive a message on my professional SIM (let’s call it SIM 1). If I reply to the text message received on SIM 1, I will by default reply with SIM 2 (thus telling my colleague I have a phone number they don’t know of, which has kind of ruined my off-the-grid-2-SIM-cards strategy with various colleagues).

Therefore I think switching from one SIM to the other could be handled better :

  1. SIM config could be a attribute of the ambiance to make switches between SIMs both easier and much clearer of which situation we’re in (the white vs colored SIM is only visible if we pay attention) :
  • attribute : incoming SIM / values : SIM1 or SIM2 or both
  • attribute : outgoing SIM / values : SIM1 or SIM2
  • attribute : internet SIM / values : SIM1 or SIM2
  1. SIM use could be a field in the contact list, with a default SIM and only specific contacts using the other one ;
  2. by default, both callbacks and SMS replies should be addressed using the SIM they were addressed to in the first place unless an action is made by the user
  • → this could be a setting of the ambiance used cf. 1 or just a global parameter
    • attribute : default outgoing SIM / values : SIM1 or SIM2
    • attribute : strategy / values :
      • based on incoming calls/msgs : you reply to the last message/call by the contact, if they have never called use default
      • based on contact list : use SIM specified in contact list, if undefined, use default
      • or those strategies could just be added to a list and prioritized e.g. contact list, then incoming, then default vs just default vs contact list, then default, etc.
  1. Also, it would be nice to be able to name the SIM cards (in my case work vs personal)

Considering one of my superiors texted me back one day using one number I did not know right before sending me the same message with the number I know, I’m pretty sure my case is not that rare and such functionalities would be welcome :wink:

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See Also: Naming of Dual SIM cards - #10 by nephros

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Is there any update on this part ? I’ve been looking to the various updates since, and I don’t recall any improvements ?

I tried connecting the phone (X10ii) to my car, and I can make phone calls but only from SIM 2, which is a bummer because that’s my work SIM and I want it to default to SIM 1.

Anyone knows how to do that ? Or tips to improve the user experience in dual sim phones connecting to cars ?

Take a look on TJC
e.g. Dual-Sim, choose SIM for bluetooth HFP connection -

I somehow managed to get it done by removing PIN code from SIM2, iirc.
Or try not to enter SIM1 PIN but start with SIM2 and enter PIN2 afterwards…

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I’ll try the second option tonight when I’m in my car. Option 1 (no pin for sim 2) is not really a safe or secure thing to do, as the sim won’t be protected.

@ Jolla, I see the issue floating since 2017 at least. I would love, and I guess many here, to see better support for dual sim phones.


Skipping pin for SIM 1, entering pin for sim 2, then enabling sim 1 and entering its pin made the trick.
Calls goes through (in/out) sim 1. However, calls received on SIM 2 shows up on the car but can’t accept them, and if I accept from the phone, the audio isn’t broadcasted to the car, and I have to instead use the phone… but at least SIM 1 is working fine.

If that’s so trivial, I guess an option wouldn’t be too hard to implement to specify which sim to use on dual sim phones.

Hmm, since at least 2017?
Seems pretty hard to do or just not worth to react on?

I’ve been reading around if I can get hold of the issue. I’m not familiar at all with ofono and the bluetooth stack, so not sure If I’m searching the wrong path.

Can this be related to this bug report at Ubuntu ofono : Bug #1379412 “SIM selection for mobile data is non-deterministic...” : Bugs : ubuntu-system-settings package : Ubuntu ?

IMHO in “Mobile Network” menu near the two SIM names would be nice to have the signal streght bar and the communication protocol generation {2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G, 5G}. Moreover, when “Select Network Automatically” is switched off, it would be nice to have a signal strengh bar as well. Finally, selecting a different network sometimes take too much time, bring down the communication on both SIMs and often return in “Searching…” with the same DoS. The communication / network part is fundamental for a smartphone also in foreign countries in which routing is a must.