Impossible to remove a contact

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): everytime
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product): 3.4
HARDWARE (Jolla1, Tablet, XA2,…): Jolla C
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): Not especially


I’m not able to remove a contact in my list. And As far I can remember, it was almost always the case.

I already try to clean up the contact database due to CPU usage of contactd issue. It fixes this bug but not the possibility to remove a contact.

When a contact is removed, it disappears from the list. But after some time or eventually a reboot, they are back.

It is the case when Google account is synced or not. On Google contact websit everything seems fine.


I fully agree! It’s a very strange bug that has been around during all recent versions, both in J1 and Xperia. And it is especially clearly visible during this year’s situation, when more people are leaving from workplace (their work phones numbers do not work any more) and there is no way to remove their records from People app.

In my case there are also quite a lot of linked xmpp-records and those can not be replaced by anything else and now they are just clutter in the list.


I have the same problem, trying to remove one of two phone numbers from a specific contact. It is back the same second I hit the accept button.
Xperia X and SFOS 3.4

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Hum apparently my issue is gone.
In fact those contacts were exported to another Google account which was not expected. And they were sync back again.

After cleaning this account the situation was fixed!

Currently, contacts created in sailfish will sync to all linked accounts. It’s the normal behavior, hopefully that’ll change in future versions.

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Actually in my case these are only local contacts and no external syncs are active.

Hi there,
I also have a strange behavior to tell with contacts. Maybe there´s a connection to this.
I normally don´t sync contacts with any cloud service. Since some time I had realized that the Contacts-App was filled up with telephone numbers I used, in which way I can not tell. Some numbers were there 10 times or more. The effect was that when a call came in, not the contact name was shown but just the number.
Yesterday I discovered that on my posteo-calender-account also CardDAV was accidentally activated. I deactivated CardDAV, made a backup of my phone, deleted all contacts and reimported the contacts to the Contacts-App (thank god,the unwanted numbers were not backed up).
Till now now, the “nameless” numbers have not reappeared. So there seems a serious problem with syncing to CardDAV.
Hope my situation helps solving this bug.