Impossible to open camera in koli with xa2

is it just me or the camera is not able to open?

I can use it no problem. You should check journalctl

Do you have problems to open the camera app or is it the camera itself? And are both (main and front) cameras affected?
I had a problem where the main camera was always black when started and I had to switch to front camera and then back to main camera to get it working (occasionally multiple times). Aside from this temporarily workaround I fixed it with reflashing.

The problem is still happening. Is the app that never get to open. And when it does the phone break and starts from 0.

I have try it in terminal but then what to do?

Become root with devel-su, then use journalctl to see the log.

I have just decide to reset the device. And it has work. Grrrrrrrr

Good news it works and it wasn’t a hardware problem :slight_smile: Trust me, a Sony with a broken camera is a pain to repair, let alone claim Sony warranty.

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