Impossible to login to Dropbox or OneDrive

Just as an addition - I noticed the same behavior on Xperia 10 III. I can login without any problems (sure, old account with eMail and password), but after two or three days I get an error message and need to log in again.
(Maybe it takes some time until SFOS shows the notification - I’m not using Dropbox for backups.)

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Exactly the same here now. I can login, but then get logged out again after a variable amount of time. Given up on this now, but it is a real pain as none of the available cloud services work to enable your pbone to be backed up to :disappointed:

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Yes, you are right, after a day or so my account had failed to sign in and i had to relogin. Two things to mention:

  • cargo dock seems to work fine with dropbox cloud service
  • other owncloud/nextcloud services work well for me
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How did you connect CargoDock to your dropbox account? I can’t find CargoDock in Dropbox’s appcenter. I know I did this years ago but I do not remember how.

You just download Cargo Dock from open repos using storeman. Then in Cargo Dock the idea is that you add a cloud service - Dropbox - and Cargo Dock takes you to the Drop Box sign-in page.

That all works for me, but I can never log in on the sign-in page because it no longer lets you type anything in to the username and password field.

Probably the app needs to be updated to use the new Gecko web-page rendering engine rather than the very-old webkit engine as it is probably the latter that is stopping the sign in from working now.

However, I don’t believe Cargo Dock has been updated for years now, so this may not be possible - hence the only way you may be able to use Cargo Dock to access Dropbox is if you logged in a long time ago and never logged out.

That’s exactly what made me wonder, when you wrote cargo dock seems to work fine with dropbox, because it doesn’t. You can’t log in.

tbh I cannot remember how I did it, it might be the case I coped over from the old device .local/share/harbour-cargodock files.