Importing smsmms.db from Android

Hi all,
the 11years old s3 mini of my wife has nearly lost his life due to a broken display. The good information. It still works, shows content and is responsive.
I would like to import the old sms data to here XA2 with Sailfish.
First of all: have I to root the samsung to pull the data with adb? I get an error, that I am not permitted to download this data.
Anyone from you a good hint how to import it to a sailfish device? What I found:
Thank you very much and best regards,


I think it’s easier read contents via android api with some android application than access that file.
I endup writing my own code in past (5-10 years ago) when i need to import data. But I think there is some tools are already exist for Android now days to get messages out of the phone.