Import of database in ownKeepass possible?

Under SailfishOS I installed ownKeepass 1.2.6.

In parallel I have KeePassDX installed on the desktop and many entries in the database. Is there now a way to transfer the database to the Xperia10? Unfortunately, a manual transfer did not work - there was directly a key error. Has anyone an idea?

I would like to deliberately do without Android support.

Hi, @virgil. (Please allow me: KeepassDX or KeepassXC? AFAIK, the former is only for Android.) Anyway, I have used them all, so maybe I can help.

If you are a hundred percent sure that there was no mistake in entering the key, my suggestion would be to:
save the KeepassDX database in a .kbd file* (keepass 1) using a simple password key;
move the file to your SFOS phone;
then to edit it with ownkeepass there (change password key, save as new .kdbx file).

*or, save it in all the different formats, to cover all the bases.

As for what happened with the first import, I am sorry I do not have any ideas.

No need to import anything. Ownkeepass is able to directly open and modify kdbx files, with or without a key file. The usual approach is to synchronize the kdbx file between devices, using Nextcloud for example. The key file however should never be synchronized by a cloud service, but installed in a fixed and safe place, manually, once.
I have been doing that for years with Sailfish, Debian, and Windows devices, all using the same kdbx database.


Same here, using a kdbx via sync on my synology with keepassXC on windows & linux, and ownKeepass on my xperia for some years now.

@virgil, do you use a key file? I do, so I don’t know how everything should work without one. I think I remember having to set the key type to v2?

The problem is solved. Thanks for the help.