Images in /home/nemo/.cache/org.nemomobile/thumbnails filling up phone.. and keeping erased photos thumbnails

Hi Sailors!

My phone (XA2 4.4) memory was getting full.
Then i noticed that erasing the thumbnails freed about 6GB of memory!
in /home/nemo/.cache/org.nemomobile/thumnails are a loooot of pictures from either sailfish apps (fernschreiber) either thumbnails of photos taken and later erased.
Keeping those photos is an issue with storage and privacy.

I wonder if jolla would consider cleaning this cache for exemple during each upgrade?

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I’m wondering whether that folder can be moved to (external) SD card an create a symbolic link to the new location. It’ ~1GB on my XA2+

As @jollajo wondered, you can move the thumbnails folder to the sd card, and create a symlink, just remember to add the .trackerignore file to the folder after the move, otherwise the thumbnails will be added to the gallery.

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Or better yet, add .trackerignore before moving the folder, otherwise tracker can begin tracking the folder before you add the file.


Where’s the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth …

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