If I already have license for Xperia 10, would it be viable for Xperia 10 II?

I use for a while for Sone Xperia 10 and want to upgrade to Xperia 10 II as better option that I see for now for using Sailfish, so the question is I need to buy license for it if I already have one for Xperia 10 device, and as I understand license is for android support, but I already have one on my account. THX for answers.

Not unfortunately, license is clear about that. It’s not transferable to the other device.

Good luck.

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If you buy the licence for the new X10-II using another (new) Jolla account, then the old X10 and the new X10-II will not be linked together on the same Jolla account and you can sell the X10 later including the Android support, if you give the account credentials to the buyer with the old phone, in case you decide this way.

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