Ideas for improving the community meetings

As you may know we have a community meeting on IRC every fortnight. It’s a great way to get questions answered and often generates lively discussion. The next meeting will be this Thursday and meeting logs are posted in the announcement threads, in case you want to look back.

In the next meeting we’ll have some discussion about how we could improve the meetings in general. Since I’m conscious not everyone can make the meetings, if you have ideas, please also feel free to share them here.

We’re not planning any changes in the immediate future, and this is just to collect together ideas for discussion.


I don’t think there is something wrong with meetings per se. You ask, you get an answer -if jolla can share the info- and its all good.

The schedule/times might be problematic for some, since we are more or less a global community but … :man_shrugging:

Personally i’d love to have a matrix room for them to take place -yes i know you can connect with matrix to the IRC- but thats me hating IRC in general.

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Move to Libera for the IRC meetings. :grinning:

Jolla answers questions alright, but I miss the involvement from Jolla on the forums. There is hardly any feedback on tons of issues raised. Perhaps Jolla needs to improve the communication channels with the community what they work on. This can be done with an open Gitlab, something similar to what does.


Thanks for the input. Could you provide links etc. for the sort of thing you mean?

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Something like: Issues · e · GitLab

And I’m sure that Jolla can work on items not showing on this board as well, but it also makes it clear what is in the pipeline for issues. Instead of a forum which tends to grow wild, when not maintained properly.

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I agree with @chazaq remark.
Silence makes a boat go nowhere/anywhere.
Confidence grows with communication. imho.