Icons on Call-App in a call

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First - thank you for this great piece of software. I really like it on my Sony Xperia 10 II, but the phone size is a little challenging. If I start a call and want to activate my speaker, it is impossible to push the button with my thumb (smartphone too large or maybe my thumb is too short :slight_smile: ).

In Call-app, if I call a phone-number, all buttons are accessible on the bottom screen. So maybe it’s straight, to set the buttons in a call also at the bottom?

A small explanation with some screenshots:


Added a Screenshot of the Call-App to call phonenumbers:

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I second your thought. And this design idea can be extended to other sailfish apps wherever needed.


Not something I particularly care about as I simply use my other hand to push buttons, but, that said…if you want to fiddle around, the file to edit is here;


The buttons are formed using ROW, the ROW starts at line: 428 (sfos ~ Xperia 10 ii), line number may very per device, I don;t know for sure.

Perhaps to use the END CALL buttons’ anchors to pin the controls in to place, as you have shown in your diagram.

I cannot test, as I do not yet have a valid SIM in my device.

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But actually i think all those things should be adaptable by the user. I hope i don’t say something wrong, but wasn’t this one of the USPs of Blackberry that their UI was highly adaptable by the user. Because if you now adapt the position of this, you will always have problems. Depending on the device, it might be too high/low, and maybe in the usage one user would like to have it that way, the other user the other way. So a highly adaptable UX would be great :slight_smile:

That’s the beauty of pulley menus, they are always reachable (unless used in scroll areas).
I wonder if these buttons can be made pulley menues (as well). :grin:

The problem is the HW people not the SW. :stuck_out_tongue: