Ichthyosaurus' To Do List App Suggestions

After downloading @ichthyosaurus To Do List app a few months ago this has become my indispensable ‘go to’ app for managing my tasks. It is simple, has a very uncluttered clear interface and is dead easy to use.

I really like the way of categorizing tasks in different projects and especially how you can bump undone tasks to the next day, the next week, or just simply to some undefined time in the future. For lazy people like me who always never seem to get done today everything I want to get done today this is a god send of a feature.

I don’t know whether this app is still in active development, but I have a few suggestions or enhancement requests that, in my view would make it even better:

  1. It would be really useful if you could have a separate view which displayed all the tasks due today, tomorrow, this week, some day in all of the projects. This way you could, for example, immediately see everything you had to do today regardless of which project it was in without having to keep swiping to select each category. If you have a lot of projects then this results in a lot of backwards and forwards swiping to see what you have to do today. Kind of like a merged inbox in email applications where you can see all emails in the inboxes of all your accounts at once.

  2. On the events screen (i.e. the one where the weather, all the notifications, twitter feed and calendar feed are displayed) it would be great for all your ‘today’ tasks to be displayed just like your calendar events are displayed. This would act as a great reminder of what you had to do without perhaps needing to open the app

  3. It would be useful to add another ‘due’ category (i.e. like today, tomorrow, this week, someday) for tasks to come due on a specific date. A lot of tasks aren’t really that time constrained - they just have to be done this week or at some point in the future - and this is where this app excels, but some tasks do have to be done by a specific date.

  4. The app keeps tasks locally on the phone, they are not synchronised with any cloud service - and this is fine. But I have so many tasks on this app now that I do get nervous about the task database being lost or corrupted, losing my phone and so on. A method of therefore backing up/restoring the task database would therefore be welcomed. I don’t know where it is stored on the phone and whether or not it is, or can be, included in the standard Sailfish backup profile (i.e. Settings/Backup)? Alternatively a separate backup setting to backup the database to a single file that could then be manually uploaded to dropbox or whatever would be equally as good.

Anyway, just a few suggestions for a brilliant little app :grinning:

Hi @Steve_Everett, glad you like my little project! :slight_smile:

It technically is, though I haven’t had enough free time to work on any of my SFOS related projects over the past eight months or so. I didn’t even get to review a lot of pending pull requests from contributors on Github (and I’m really sorry for that!).

IIRC this has been implemented by @joystein but I couldn’t review it yet, let alone punch out a release. You can find the code here: https://github.com/ichthyosaurus/harbour-todolist/pulls

I thought about that but didn’t find a way to implement it reliably without making the app overly complex (internally). I’d happily review contributions, though (once I finally have time again)! :slight_smile:

This should actually be quite simple to implement; I’ll add it to my to-do list. :wink:

Support for My Backup | OpenRepos.net — Community Repository System is already implemented but the change hasn’t been released yet. You can manually replace /usr/share/applications/harbour-todolist.desktop with the new version: https://github.com/ichthyosaurus/harbour-todolist/blob/main/harbour-todolist.desktop

All data is stored in a database at $HOME/.local/share/harbour-todolist/; you may use https://sqlitebrowser.org/ to open it.

A feature to import/export data from/to different formats (e.g. so it can be imported from/into one of the other to-do list apps) is also planned.

appreciated :slight_smile:

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I fear that my previous life as a unix developer 30 years ago is long gone. I would not have the modern skills or experience necessary to do anything development-wise anymore. Today I am just an enthusiastic user!

I did think that an alternative would be to create an all-day event for each task in a special ‘To Do’ calendar. That would then mean that such tasks would automatically pop-up in the events view inside the calendar (and in the calendar app itself of course). You could perhaps squirt those tasks for today and tomorrow into the relevant dates but not bother with those for the week and someday. That way you would get to be ‘notified’ of tasks that you needed to do for the next two days. I guess the issue would be keeping the calendar entries up to date as tasks get bumped in your app to a later day, week or sometime. I don’t know how hard that would be.

That’s good, I already use this app - so I’ll wait for the release!