[Icelandic] Sailfish translation

Hi, so since no one else has requested it so far, I’d like to volunteer to be coordinator for Icelandic. I’ve done some translating for matrix-synapse in the past.

Not sure how many people out of 350k are using sailfish, but more languages never hurt anyone! My username is maquis196.

Takk fyrir :slight_smile:


Ping @sledges ​​​​​​

@maquis196 Aren’t danish and icelandic really similar? Wouldn’t it then be the easiest way to copy the danish translation files and edit does who defer :slight_smile: Just a thaught. Nice to see another language coming to SFOS :slight_smile: Good luck!

Icelandic to Danish is more like Latin compared to French, so copying the Danish/Norwegian/Swedish translations would cause more work than translating from scratch. A potential future Faroese translation would, however, be able to rely on the Icelandic translation a little bit.


Not very similar, it is more similar to Old Norse / Old Scandinavian, a branch of its own. Although very international people, they like to invent/use their own words/language.

Yeah as others have said, a few words will be similar but the grammar is quite different,doesn’t help that Danish has long since dropped þ and ð. Modern words will be the biggest divergence too (especially around IT)

Hi there!

Just added Icelandic language to community translation tool and made you the coordinator: https://translate.sailfishos.org/is

What are the odds that only few days earlier we discovered Ari Eldjárn and had a really good laugh! :smiley: