I wish Jolla to create ambiences with just one colour

Is there any possibility of getting ambiences of just one colour, like red , or yellow, purple and so on?

create/take a red picture.
create an ambiance from the picture

I know that. Just suggesting that could be good to have them from sailfish allready

then i would suggest that you would write something like:

i wish sfos would come with pre-installed ‘single colour’ ambiences.

but you can also create them and upload them to openrepos.

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The only thing is that I am just a normal user without knowledge of how to do that

It’s very easy.
Download this picture:

After the download you should find it in your gallery.
Open it and click in the ambience button: from there you can create the wanted ambience.
Repeat with other single colour images (size shouldn’t be a issue here given the single colour).


Where can I get different colours??

I used an app called “Paint”, you can find it in the official Jolla Store. Install it and use the aerograph to fill in the color, then take a screenshot to save it.

Red, yellow and purple (terrible colors for the eyes):