I need a proper wallet app

I need a wallet app with proper pkpass support and the ability to create custom digital loyalty cards where digital ones are not available. Adding credit/debit cards would also be nice since my phone has NFC but nothing actually uses it, but as it is a more complex task I’d be very happy with the pkpass support already (it shouldn’t be that hard to implement).


Last time i asked people told me that only big players can create wallet apps (debit/credit ones at least).

Ideally jolla could cooperate with a digital neobank like n26 (which is german) and have an app but don’t count on that happening any time soon.

Have you searched?

Forget about it. The banks would need to be in on that.
Thinking that this belongs together just because they somewhat do in the physical world is an unfortunate misconception.


I see. That’s why I’m saying pkpass support would be a huge thing to me already. I’m not expecting to see actual credit/debit card support as it would probably needs a lot of effort.

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I was searching for a wallet app with no result. Thanks, I will try that.

I searched for “pkpass”, since that’s what you wanted, but it shows up for “wallet” too - even if that term is a false friend.

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