I can't display an emoji keyboard

I’m using an Xperia X with 4.3 but which was updated from v3.2. It’s done all the updates along the way, one after the other but without me testing each one. Somehow I’m now not able to switch between the normal English (UK) keyboard and an Emoji keyboard. Under ‘Active keyboard layout’ on the phone it says ‘You can also change the active keyboard layout quickly by pressing Ctrl + Space’. Where’s the Ctrl key as I don’t see it on my keyboard layout?

I’ve had various issues along the way such as the inability to select sound files for ringtones and the inability to play videos, all of which have been fixed by searching through topics here but this one has me stumped.

I feel sure the phone used to have an emoji keyboard and it’s probably something I’ve done, or haven’t done in the flurry of updates. It would be good to have emojis back again.

Did you select the emoji keyboard as one of your keyboards? (Above active keyboard layout)

That’s for physical keyboards.

That wasn’t there. I feel sure that I didn’t miss it the first time around but of course, such a thing is easily possible! I installed an app from OpenRepos via Storeman and rebooted, still no Emoji keyboard but having installed a shed load of emoji svg files, and rebooted again, it did finally appear.

Thanks for your help. All working now.