I am caught in an endless loop to agree to "End User License Agreement"

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DESCRIPTION:Hello, I have added a second user to my SailfishOS. The switch went smoothly for a while. Until now! Now I am caught in an endless loop to agree to “End User License Agreement”. If I choose to agree, the screen jumps to the page in front of it “Ahoj!” The smartphone can no longer be started. What can I do? Thank you for the feedback. Michael






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It was done in the meantime – since I could neither flash the phone again, nor make a hard reset, I destroyed the phone, since it was also impossible for me to delete my data. I strongly warn against setting up 2 user accounts. For a week, switching between accounts worked smoothly until I was finally caught in an endless loop.


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Nein nicht Wut – ich benötige ein Smartphone welches funktioniert. Wenn sich das Betriebssystem in einer Endlosschleife befindet, mehrfaches Aus- und Einschalten nichts an der Situation ändert, das Telefon das erneute Flashen verweigert sowie ein Hardreset nicht möglich ist, hatte ich nur die Möglichkeit, das Telefon zu zerstören, damit nicht evtl. sensible Kundendaten ausgelesen werden können.
Ein Telefon, welches aufgrund eines Softwareschadens nicht mehr benutzbar ist, ist für mich wertlos.
Dem Betriebssystem fehlt noch die Funktion des Hardresets.

SailfishOS ist gut aber nicht perfekt – schade.


I guess he meant “What?”

“Wut” fits, though ;-(

However, I wonder why the phone couldn’t be flashed anymore. I am using a second user on the tablet for many week s now, without any issue

Which phone? XA2, Xperia 10, Xperia X …?

Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra Dual Sim

Incorrect number of devices connected. Make sure there is exactly one device connected in fastboot mode

Maybe the problem is only with mobilephone. I was doing 2 accounts - 1 for bussiness and 1 for privat.
1 week all works fine without problems - i could switch from privat account to bussiness account without problems. On business Account i am using also android apps. Once 1 was switching from business account to private account it links me to first Window from installing Phone “Ahoj!” If i was choosing by the next screen to agree, the screen jumps back to page before “Ahoj!” I was caught in an endless loop. Nothing helps – shut off Phone do not help - removing batterie - do not help. My Phone was Xperia XA2 Ultra Dual Sim - i was updating phone to latest SaifishOS 2 weeks ago. Maybe the phone do not like updates – i did all updates since 2019

Have you enlarged the root partition under SFOS? This is recommended as it fills up over time and causes problems with updates. There is a good HowTo from @olf for this.
Was it not possible to flash the XA2 again with Android before using the hammer method?

No, i do not enlarged the root partion under SFOS. I did not try to flash XA2 with Android - i was only try to flash with SFOS again. I was trying to flash with Linux and also with windows - but it was inpossibile.
If i would buy another phone - do i have to pay again for software licenze for Android App support?

You can ask Jolla’s support at jolla.zendesk.com to transfer your extant SailfishOS license to a new phone.
Note that Jolla has stated multiple times, that they only may transfer a license if the device model is the same.