Howto login into android app DB Navigator

TLDR log in with android browser

since recently I could not log into the app of Deutsche Bahn, DB Navigator, anymore.
If I try to log in, it wants to open a browser. I logged in with the stock sfos browser, but login didnt succeed.
However, if you select fennec or chromium (android apps) in the “open with” dialog it works flawlessly.

(Just noticed this is maybe also a bug report, but I mainly wanted to help others)

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Thanks for the tip! Chromium is hard to install due to missing libraries, but vivaldi works great and solves the issue as well.

recently I was also forced to update DB Navigator. Now i can’t login.
The login process opens sailfish-browser directly. A login is not possible.

Unfortunately, I do not know how to trigger a different browser. I have Opera Mini installed. However, DB Navigator instantly opens sailfish-browser - I have no choice to select Opera. I did try to simply copy the URL and pasted it into OPERA. After login on the website, DB Navigator shows “a technical error occured”.

I also tried to define Opera as the default browser by using Mimer. But it has no effect. The sailfish browser is still triggered instantly. Honestly I don’t know whether Mimer changed anything, since other apps usualy ask me, which app should be used to open an url.

Can somebody help me? DB Navigator is an essential app for me.

does it ask for other links which browser you want to use?

As a workaround i would expect, that if you go offline when opening the link, and then open it in opera going online again, it might work.
The problem is probably that the sfos browser already activated the link, so it might help to prevent it from doing that.

Thank you very much for the hint. Though it didnt work. Finally I solved the problem. I was able to set opera to the standard browser by using the android settings. Afterwards it still didnt work. But its mainly an app related problems that many many android and ios users report. For others experiencing similar problems: clear cache, and disable ad blocking and set the android browser to the lowest security level.

I had the same problems with the stock sfos browser. By making the Android Firefox browser the default browser (and deleting the DB Navigator cache… not sure if this is reqiured), everything worked like a charm!

Hi, some days ago login was broken even on Desktop browsers. Now they have a captcha which works.
I am not shure if I used firefox or stock browser.
Had the same issue with the bahnbonus app.