How to view media from android apps in Gallery? (i.e. Whatsapp images)

I have downloaded couple android apps (i.e. Whatsapp and Lightroom), but problem is that I’m unable to view their media in Gallery. No images or folders are seen.

How you have overcome this problem?

If you are using Patch manager, tracker path settings patch might help. It can be found either on Openrepos or on patch manager web catalog. I haven’t tested this myself although.

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Thank you for answer. I will look further into subject, but I cannot report results right away. I have almost no coding experience, so I need to study before doing anything.

If someone has different approach or tips regarding the patch manager, I’m willing to hear it.

There was an application on openrepos that made it possible to integrate your Facebook pictures in the gallery. is that what you are looking for? Just not only for Facebook but for all your Android Apps. You can access the pictures of all the other apps, by clicking upload and then you can choose the different locations exept like for me, from my ext4 formatted sd-card.

As a workaround install from the Android F-Droid store the applauncher app. From there you can launch the native Android Gallery and should be able to access all the files you want.