How to trigger the System-Backup manually? [solved]

While automatic Backup just works only once after creation for me (see

My question is:

Is there a Backup-Shellscript deep in one of the several Directorys of the System which i can trigger with Situations to get the automatically System-Backup-Solution back?

I don’t want to go to settings everyday to trigger that by the button by hand.

From inspecting /usr/lib64/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Vault/BackupRestoreProgressItem.qml, that should be possible using DBus:

  • Service: org.sailfishos.backup
  • Path: /sailfishbackup
  • Interface: org.sailfishos.backup

… calling the methods "backupToCloud", [accountId] or "backupToFile", [filePath].

See also: busctl --user introspect org.sailfishos.backup "/sailfishbackup"

I haven’t tried this though because I hate playing around with dbus on the shell, as its designers intended.

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Yes I have :smiley:

So in case you want to trigger a cloud backup, first find out the accountId:

devel-su -p ag-tool list-accounts

This will look something like:

ID         Provider                       Name
--         --------                       ----

3          google                         GMail
2          nextcloud                      NC
1          jolla                          nephros

nextcloud can do backups so the accountId to use is 2.

You can check this by doing the following an looking for the storage service:

devel-su -p ag-tool list-services 2
Service type                        Service name
------------                        ------------
storage                             nextcloud-backup
posts                               nextcloud-posts
sharing                             nextcloud-sharing
sync                                nextcloud-images
caldav                              nextcloud-caldav
carddav                             nextcloud-carddav

To trigger the backup use

devel-su -p busctl call --user org.sailfishos.backup "/sailfishbackup" org.sailfishos.backup backupToCloud i 2

Note the -p parameter to devel-su for the commands. That will elevate your user to “privileged” level, but not root.
Unfortunately this will also make it hard to use from a script, like Situations would require.

busctl wants the argument formatted as (in this case) “type value”, hence i 2. Other dbus cli tools (like dbus-send or Python) will use a different calling convention.


Damn and I had just set up rclone for this :smiley: