How to shrink /home-partition on Jolla tablet?

Hello all,
on my Jolla tablet (yes, I got one) I cannot update OS anymore.
It says, there is not enough space on /root. I have so much unused space on /home, so I want to shrink this to maybe 30G and increase the root partition than.
Is there any possibility to shrink the /home fs/partition?
Normally it is only possible with unmounted filesystems, but how can I unmont? User nemo is always logged in, so device is busy.

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OS-Version is now


There is a how-to by @olf for resizing root on xperias: olf (Olf0) (Olf0) / SailfishX on Xperias · GitLab
You would need to figure out the numbers for the jolla tablet memory.

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The “numbers” are very likely the same, and there are some “numbers” to check in the first place to ensure that, as mentioned in the guide: The original root partition should comprise 625 extents of 4 MB (see section 3.3.2, point 7).

Thank you for the hint.

It worked.

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