How to setupt carddav to only sync one folder/How to delete synced contacts locally after sync-account is removed?

I want to setup contact sync via carddav and its a pain. I have multiple address books on my carddav service. Each has its own subfolder identified via id at url (carddav/32). I need to only sync one.

After I setup carddav via settings menu not only the (via url) given folder gets synchronised but every addressbook with all 100+ contacts. I removed the carddav-account via settings menu but the contacts are still on the phone. The “delete all contacts” in contacts-app only deletes local added contacts not the remote ones.

How do I delete the remote contacts on phone?
How do I make sailfish sync only specific carddav folder?

Guessing the groupware software from the URI you mentioned, you can probably visit “Contacts” in the global settings area and configure DAV access there for every address book you have access to.
Other than that, I have no idea where I would configure this on the client side. While you can choose to subscribe to individual DAV calendars on a server (or: not to …), I don’t know of any such functionality for contacts. I hope I am wrong!

The groupware seems to be open-Xchange. I can’t find any setting to disable DAV for specific address book. Also I don’t want to disable access to every other address book as they are synced to other devices :confused:
The docs say: To checkout only one I have to use folder path.

Also I’m a bit limited in testing, because I cant fully remove synced contacts and don’t want to risk pushing deleted contacts to the server :confused:

Jolla’s software unfortunately detects all address books and subscribes to all of them. That’s better than none, of course, but does not cover your use case.

You can probably remove those erroneously synced contacts from your device’s contact database later.

Back to Open-Xchange (which is the product I already guessed): They have a manual covering this and I could reproduce this with an OX account I have access to.