How to setup outlook account?

I’m trying to setup an Outlook account for email on my Sony XA2 (Sailfish OS
So I choose General Email in Accounts. Then I enter my mail address and password. Then I have to enter manually some settings for Imap and Smtp.
The problem seems to be with Imap settings as you have to choose the type of Secure connexion. Microsoft indicate on their website that this type is TLS, but on Sailfish settings you only have SSL, StartTLS or none !
I have tried the 3 but none works…

Thanks if you have a solution for me !

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What about Microsof Exchange app in Jolla Store?
Install it, then go to Settings > Accounts

You may have hit this bug and perhaps the reboot trick can help you. @Levone1’s hint to use a genuine Exchange account may also help here.

Choose SSL. The entry in Sailfish OS should be “SSL/TLS”.

I think you can use it only if you are in a company who have an Exchange server, no ?

You’re right it should be “SSL/TLS”, so I choose SSL but the result is the same.

I’ve used it before. I think you can use “” as the server, or something … It’s been a while - can’t really remember details. Maybe I’ll teat it out later

I tried to reboot but it doesnt change anything.

By the way the error message I get in the end is:
“Authentication issue - Unable to create account” (translated from french so I’m not sure it’s exactly the same in english !)

When you reboot just when the error message is displayed, does the account itself survive the reboot? I.e., does it show up in the accounts list, just dysfunctional? Then it is unlikely that your problem is related to the bug I linked above.

Did you confirm your login data with a different (desktop) email client?

Sure about the server name and the login details?
Are you in a domain?
Is this mail server reachable from outside the company network?
Do you need any certificates?

Just tested Microsoft Exchange, and working…

1- install app from Jolla store
2 - open email app, and go to, add account > Microsoft Exchange
3 - Use gour full email address as username and as email address, and use your email password as password. Use “” as the server, (my email is a hotmail email - if yoirs is not hotmail, try as the server) Don’t change anything in “more” menu
4- click accept, etc, and it will begin syncing

No the account is not memorized after reboot.

Thanks to all who took the time to answer me, but the problem is way too complicated for a newbie like me so I leave the problem aside for now.

HI All,

Read the FAQs and If I’m wrong, someone correct me - In order to avoid doubld posts on the similiar issue an existing thread is to be used?

Note: I have had to replace the fullstops with (dot) to comply with the two link limit for new users…

A quick bg info:

Xperia 10 Single Sim
O/S 3.3
Build: Rokua
Device adaptation:
Installed Exchange Version: 0.3.28 Pre-Installed with ROM (Store Version showing as 0.3.11)

Posting as I am also having issues setting up Outlook(dot)com emails.
I have tried two different emails - labeled A and B for simplicity.

Email A:
I have tried m(dot)hotmail(dot)com, m(dot)outlook(dot)com, settings listed here by Microsoft.

None worked with , the closest I’ve gotten (I suppose) is the phone showing “Retrieving settings from Server” for a few minutes (using m(dot)outlook(dot)com, port 993) before timing out with “problem with checking credentials” etc.

The same issue persists with adding general email.

Even the installed app from store did not work.

Email B:

As above, what worked is uninstalling 0.3.28 and installing 0.3.11 from the store.

Username: full email i.e. email@outlook(dot)com

Email: email@outlook(dot)com

Password: email password

Tapped on More.

Used the Imap settings in the above Microsoft FAQ link:
Server & Domain is the same:
Port 993
Encryption: SSL

This worked.

The only difference between Email A and B is that B does not have 2 Factor Authentication enabled.

So I turned off 2 FA in email A and that worked.

So out of curiousity I tried adding another email account, nada, nothing, removing 2fa, identity apps etc, didn’t work, added them back still same issue.

Both email A and B added successfully after countless attempts.

So after all that it seems the exchange app is an incredibly temperamental P.O.S :sweat_smile:

Edit: Spelling - two not to :sweat_smile:

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Hi there,
I#m new in the forum and i have the same behaviour of the Exchange App.

Xperia 10 Dual Sim
O/S 3.3
Build: Rokua
Device adaptation:
Installed Exchange Version: 0.3.28 Pre-Installed with ROM (Store Version showing as 0.3.11)

Since my company changed Office365 login and authentication to Multi-Factor-Authentication i can’t setup Exchange Account in my mobile phone.

It worked fine without MFA and with Sailfish OS 3.2.1 Nuuksio.

@TechFreak1: How can i install Version 0.3.11 from the store? If i uninstall 0.3.28 and install the store version of the Exchange App it installs version 0.3.28 and i can’t choose an older version. I would like to test the behaviour with version 0.3.11.

Same here.

The native mail and calendar app with Exchange support worked flawless, until I was forced to use 2FA. I could register my Phone with the SailOTP app for generating Tokens, but the mail app doesn’t support Modern Authentication. I raised a case with Jolla and they say that they will look into this feature request but have no planning or date when this will be implemented. They suggested that I should make a new feature request on the forum and with substantial likes, it might speed them up.
There is already a feature request for this by tehhel , however it’s hardly noticed.

So I’m on the same page, locked out from my mail and calendar on my sailfish phone

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same here - in the meantime, i’m using the Outlook Android app but doesn’t like it a lot.
Would be nice if Jolla implements Oauth for Office365/ (my company is using DUO as 2FA).
@Sakul did you open a feature request already, or there’s only the link you posted?

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Hi Carton,
Good to see that I’m not the only one struggling with this matter. I didn’t open a feature request yet, as the one of tehhel has the same functional request. However I will make a new one which hopefully gathers more attention.

PS I can use 2FA with OWA on my sailfish, but the webclient has a lot of drawbacks and isn’t that usefull to me.

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Feature request is made.

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