How to see the sd card in cargo dock

I know, it’s a very old app, but to me is the best filemanager we have

Installed it the other day and is not listing the sd card, any help?maybe i need to disable sailjail?

I think it’s sufficient to make a symlink in ~/Documents or somewhere.

But for a file manager it makes sense to disable Sailjail IMO.

Disabled sailjail, now i can see the system folders, but still no sd card

How do i create a symlink?

The sd-card should be mounted in /media

Can you see it when you start your file manager from the terminal?

Unfortunately i don’t know the exact name to start cargo dock from terminal.

Anyway the media folder is empty (as in nothing is showing, not even a message on screen)

SD card is mounted in /run/media/defaultuser.
It is possible to bookmark and see it in ‘Places’ when you run CargoDock as root.
As user only if you opt out of sailjail.

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Thank you, this solves my problem, anyway i thought it was already visible on my old j1…