How to restore backup from another device?

Is there any way to restore a backup made from another device? Unfortunately I need to switch back to Android on my Sony Xperia X (banking and other android apps not working any more), but I would like to keep up with Sailfish OS development with my old Jolla 1 and it would be great if I could import my data (especially Notes and Messages) from the Xperia X.

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There are some scripts on together which can backup and restore messages and messaging history.

I haven’t used these methods for a while so not sure which ones work reliably, but here it goes:


Thank you @nephros, I managed doing it manually using a mix of tools: commhistory-tool for calls and messages, sqlite3 for notes and a file manager / cp command for Gallery files.

When I was switching Sailfish devices, I made a backup to SD card, then moved that SD card to new device and restored backup from it.

@ender That works well indeed, except for MMS images which are not included.

I remember moving from Sony X to 10 back in march, and all my phone calls and sms lost the SIM slot # field parameter. Did anybody investigate?