How to restart email service

I’m using Sailfish OS in my Xperia XA2 Ultra.
Th Email app in my phone gets stuck sometimes. I have configured Outlook in the app. The status in the page says “Updating…” and doesn’t update the page (doesn’t get the latest emails). I guess, this is an already existing issue, as I have been experiencing it from the day I had my Jolla Phone. Restarting the Email app won’t fix this issue. Generally I do restart my phone to sort out this issue. Is there any way to restart only the email service instead of restarting the device?

In terminal: systemctl --user restart sailfish-eas


It may also be worth restarting messageserver5 too, in case that helps:

systemctl --user restart messageserver5

In the past these kinds of issues have been tied to specific email providers, making it less likely they’ll be fixed in the natural flow of updates. If that’s the case here, it may be worth you providing your logs (privately to Jolla Customer Care) in case there’s something that can be fixed.

There’s guidance on how to make the logs here (but it’s quite brief, so feel free to ask if more info would help):


Thanks, that worked.

Thanks, will try to provide the logs to Jolla Customer Care