How to remove phonehook popup

Phonehook popup is masking caller id. How to remove it totally. There is x-button which removes it but it but I don’t want to see popup at all.

Unless someone else has already done this, you will need to dig into the code of that app, find the right page/right line and set it to visible: false.

I don’t use the app, so I cannot help you directly.

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Just set the Popuptime to the Minumum Value of 10 seconds, then it disappears after 10 seconds.

When set the Slider to left (deactivated) it means never Disappear as long the Call is active or you pressed the X.

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Edit PageAppSettings.qml line 96:
_settings.put(“popup_timeout”, value)
Change to something like:
_settings.put(“popup_timeout”, “1”)
Should change the timeout to 1 second when you play with the slider next time


Thank you everybody. @throwaway69 solved the case.