How to remove Alien Dalvik through the console?

I have an old Xperia X Dual Sim 1522, that I have flashed with the offical Jola SailfishOS a long time ago (but the 1521 single sim version, since it was the only one available in the beginning). In the meantime I somehow changed the OS to identify the device correctly as a dual sim one and I have the feeling since then I have lost the offical license status.

The result is that I can upgrade only using the console. And Alien Dalvik does not start at all.

I just want to remove Alien Dalvik and all installed Android apps (do not need them anyway), but cannot do it through the Store as I do not see AD as available or installed.

Is there a console command that can achieve this?

How about pkcon remove aliendalvik?

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Thanks, I guess, I should have thought about it.
It removed AD, but the Apps were still in the app grid.

I had to remove them as described by Jolla here:

rm -rf /home/.android/*
rm -rf android_storage
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