How to recover root partition space

so, today the notification for a new update showed up, i went straight away to download it but i was (for the first time) greeted by the infamous “your root partition does not have 500 mb free space, delete some files”

in fact i had about 450 mb free

decided to clean some apps and gained some space to do the update, but this was very tedious as i already have few apps

now, can someone point me to a way to clean space on the system partition?

or is exapanding the partition the only way to have more space?what are the drawbacks to it?

any advice would be appreciated…

There is the useful app space inspector that can show you what is taking up your space:

thank you, had a look at, freed up lot of space, but i think not root one, as access is denied

kinda pity you have to delete applications to perform a system upgrade…

If you start the app from terminal as root you have the necessary access

depending on the device, here’s another solution: Extend SailfishOS rootfs with a hidden, unused partition.-Oskar Roesler's Blog


If you want to increase your root partition use this guide by @olf :

nice, now question is, is still useful for deleting things i get permission denied?

Of course you should only delete things that you are sure about you don’t need them…

If you succeed increasing the size of the root patrition you don’t need to delete anything.

@olf 's guide works, I did it successfully on a Xperia 10 (chapter 3.3) .

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I also used it twice and managed to bork my system only once during that

Of course, maybe if someone has suggestions on what to delete :slight_smile:

Have you checked this thread:?

Or UTFSE😊 with words like: root full space free…