How to quote values to be set by `dconf write` at the shell and in Situations?

Hi everyone! This is my first post here. I have an issue with situations app and nightish.

the idea is i want to start nightish with 00000000 value meaning to reset it during the day and at night hours to set something like 05220000. I use the command

dconf write /apps/harbour-nightish/color “’#05220000’”

in situations but even though i do run in through terminal it wont change the colors. If just resets it again to all 0.

Any ideas what might be the issue?

Nevermind i have figured it out.

You have to use only " double quotes. So it’s “05200000” for example for night and “00000000” for day

You also have to run situations from terminal for it to work due to sandboxing. You can close any apps you want , the situation will continue to work

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Mind sharing the solution so others can benefit?


Apologies. I have forgotten do it. I have edited my reply.


Thanks! Very useful, and yes, all that dconf/GConf/GVariant stuff can be tricky from the shell.

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Whisperfish wiki has a few lines about dconf as well :slight_smile: