How to paste in the browser in Gemini PDA?

How do you paste a text that was copied elsewhere (notes app for example, or keepass) in the browser’s pages in Gemini PDA?

I can paste (ctrl+v) in the browser URL, but not in the text fields in the pages themselves (ctrl+v just prints the letter v).

In the previous forum (together), someone was mentionning this not working (I guess).

Is there a workaround, or a way to show the keyboard temporarly so I can paste?

It’s quite tedious to manually write passwords without copy/paste (mines can be quite random and long) :frowning:


I’d like to know the solution as well.

I’ve tested ctrl+v in Webcat too, with same issue. I can paste in the browser URL but not in the text fields in pages. Which means it’s not Gecko fault, but rather OS related.

I’ve done additional research in the old forum, and it seems the issue is old and well known, and if it hasn’t been fixed since, then little chance it’ll be now (probably few use cases and low priority). :cry: