How to make rectangle transparent


i have a page with an column. i want to place an two control in one ‘row’
so i have brought in an rectangle element, i have something like

Column {
    Textfield --
    Rectangle {

now what happens is, that Rectangle has a colour, i think it was white
i was able to set it to the some overlay… but the opacity does not match and all
when i do modify opacity it also change the opacity of the child elements …

when i make the rectangle height 0 then i have solved two problems:

  • i can have two controls next to each other in one column
  • i have no background issue, but then i need to rearrange all the following controls, so the reason for the column is kind of gone.

any ideas ?
thanks !

Use Item instead of Rectangle

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or you can set the ‘color’ property of Rectangle with “transparent” or as hex color “#00000000

Rectangle is not the way to go, instead, use ‘Row’ if you want to place items in a ‘row’.

Alternatively, give us a clearer idea of what you want to achieve, a sketch, a photoshop mock up,… a picture paints a thousand words.


Funny, Item was the first try out, but i got an error regarding column and with and can not display … so i did switch to rectangle. but now in my final solution i did replace rectangle with item and it works :slight_smile: