How to make Birthday notifications sound the alarm?

Since the start of using SFOS I get calendar notifications on 0:00 for every contact with birthday specified.

Too bad, I get no sound alarm for them (I guess it is the same for everybody here).
Is it possible to make them go with sound and preferably on 11:00, for example?

You are using Nextcloud, right?

The usual Contacts app with Birthdays specified there. They are there mostly from the time I’ve migrated from N9.

Ok because I seem to remember the ‘Birthday notification at midnight’ being a Nextcloud thing. But now that I think of it that’s to do with NC’s bday calendar, not Contacts.

I can’t set a notification for birthday events created automatically from Contacts, is that possible for you? I miss this option.


Scratch that about 0:00

Checked again. Birthdays are set as “whole day” event with no time or alarm specified.
They are coming from “Birthdays calendar” and can’t be edited in Calendar app at all.

And in Calendar app when looking through “Calendars control” pulley menu I see 2 active aclendars: Personal and Birthdays.

I have the nextcloud thing and it sucks.
just two days back again at 0.00 rimg ring

wanted to file a bug report

Yes it’s annoying. But IIRC it’s a nextcloud issue, not a SFOS one.
SFOS just rings the alert it gets from NC:

There have been some feature requests/suggestions regarding selecting which calenders or appointments may sound an alarm and at which time, but as long as we don’t have that, I have turned off the NC BD calender in the Calender app settings. (And use DnD and quiet modes at night.)