How to install sailfish x to xperia-10 II - question to instructions

This is related to version control of binaries needed to flash Sony xperia 10 ver II.

How to install Sailfish X on Xperia™ 10 II on Windows - Jolla

Please upgrade your phone to Android 11 first (Android 10 works, too, but we recommend 11)

  • this does not say until which system sw build. Is it assumed that up to the latest build is ok?

" 5.1 Download the Sony Software binaries for AOSP
Download from here. "

  • that informs to use sony android 10 binary package.

My new Sony 10 I from DNA shop (DNA offer 229€ with subscription and 249 with no subscription.) had already Android 11, but I installed ALL available sony system software updates. Build level is now with 59.1.A.2.96.

Is the linked salfish x binary with that linked old sony binary the only working combined package even for latest updated A11 build base phone unit?

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They should definetely put this in a FAQ somewhere :smiley:
From the blog:

A quick clarification of what an underlying Android version adaptation (or base) means: Sony’s Open Devices Program allows anyone to reflash a selection of phones with a plain Android Open Source Project (AOSP) build that you can compile yourself. AOSP follows the same version numbers as the official stock Android that comes when you buy a device. AOSP allows us to build Sailfish OS on top of the underlying bare minimum of Android HW adaptation. The important distinction (that often gets confused) is that our Android App Support version (or API level) is independent from the underlying AOSP base for any given device. So you can have your Xperia XA2 supporting Android 10 apps, whereas the HW layer of the device itself utilises Android 8 (=AOSP-8) Board Support Package.

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Xperia 10 II - How to flash Sailfish OS!?

The video show major hick-up on the way to complete step by step the instructions.

I used:

MY big wish is that there is an easy transfer method for getting all my contacts from my old sony xperia jolla to xperia 10 II phone.

Where is the transfer method instructed ?

I will try this:
transfer contacts from other jolla to xperia
that info is from old together Jolla com forum and hope it works via Backup process

  • that did not work and error “can not load notes”

The flash instructions should have the move contacts instructions from old jolla to new jolla because that process is used quite seldom.

How do I move contacts to my Sailfish OS device?

vcf contacts file transfer from old jolla to new jolla was fast

Should be possible to use export & import:
People (app), Select contacts, Select all + share with e.g. blue tooth.
You get vcf file(s).

Import in Settings, Apps, People, From contact file.