How to get rid of downloaded but not installed OS update?

In Settings/Sailfish OS updates I selected to download the 4.4 EA update. Now it is shown as downloaded and pull down menu has an option to Install it.

But I decided not to install it. So the question is, how to get rid of it? So that when - say - 4.4 proper (not EA) or 4.5 comes out the OS discovers that there is a new update and lets me download it? As far as I can see, there is no option in the UI to delete downloaded (but not installed) update in case someone changes his mind like me :slight_smile:

i had like to know exactly the same thing
as this last 4.4 make a complete mess in my XA2 Ultra

Actually this concerned only the notification, the case is not equal to the one described here.

Try 3a and number 4.


See also the warning from @olf in:
(the links do not apply to you, but the rest does)


Thank you! That’s exactly it.

Regarding @olf warning, the problem in my case is not with the EA release. I just wanted to know how to handle such situation. Now and in the future. I’m holding on with installing this release not because it’s EA, but only because I rely on certain ofono patch making hanging up calls work correctly that can be built for 4.4 only when the SDK is out.

This time it seems pretty safe to try. Didn’t experience any issues…