How to get "google play store" on my xperia 10 III?

How can I install “google play store” to get my banking app?
Is there somewhere a detailed description?
The search function in this forum doesn’t give me solution.


You can use Aurora Store to access Google Play Store


If I try to connect to the page with sailfish browser, I get “403 Forbidden”

I don’t know why the site can’t be reached by the default browser. Using Firefox on Sailfish it works. Anyhow, you can install Aurora Store via F-droid. And maybe you need MicroG for your banking app to get working.

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funny… you can also download it from Aurora OSS / AuroraStore · GitLab

Okay, it worked.

Thank you,

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One more question:
How and where I can get MicroG?

Download it here:

Thank you for the hint.


Note that MicroG and Sailfish’s Dalvik implementation allows you to bypass 90% of Play Store checks.

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Using Aurora store, I can see my former (google android) libraries of installed and paid apps, but I cannot purchase a new one.

Trying to buy it in the browser version of Play Store on my computer with the idea to download it in a second step later in Aurora, leads to an error message like «first connect your device to Google Playstore».

I’m thinking about giving microG a try. Aren’t there any problems with uninstalling it then?

We actually need a fresh documentation on howto install microg, i.e. which packages, and then which permissions are required.

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