How to get cover to show WebView miniature?

I’m making an app, where i want the cover to show a miniature of the WebView that makes up the entire app. From what i can gather, setting the cover to null should have this effect, but it is not working.
Only just when it is minimizing or maximizing does the cover show the correct thing, the rest of the time it stays white.

Any ideas?


(it also crashes on start with SailJail, and i can’t figure out why)

No ideas what could be wrong there, but to get the view, maybe something like this can work?
Of course that will then not be a live view.

On the ApplicationWindow:

 ApplicationWindow { id: app
    property url thumbnail: ""

On the Page with the WebView:

 Page {
     WebView { id: webview

     onStatusChanged: {
         if (status == PageStatus.Deactivating) {
             webview.grabToImage(function(result) { app.thumbnail = result.url; });

On the Cover:

CoverBackground {
    Image {
        source: app.thumbnail

Hmm, should be a good enough workaround to release something. But i’d still want it live.
But i can’t get it to work still; it seems onStatusChanged is never triggered for me, even if i switch to using a regular Page. And if i switch to triggering on onVisibleChanged and visible==false, i run into Item::grabToImage: item's window is not visible :frowning: