How to get back to ANDROID or double boot OS

Hi, I installed sailfish os (paid) operating system, but for now I feel that I will not be able to work with it because I do not find many of the applications or if they do not work well because they want to Google service.
My question is, can I get my old operating system (Android 11) back and at least use the phone at full speed or whether it is possible to have both operation system I watched a video on the internet about how there is an option for both to run and to choose witch one you want to rune from bootloader (double boot).

Can someone to help me with this two question but if explain me step by step because I’m not developer guy. Thanks describes the procedure to get Android back

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most of the answers here will force you to experiment a bit
how-to’ get obsolete or outdated automatically and nobody has to time to keep that up to date.

regarding your problem:
you should make a list:

  • how many android apps do i really need ?
  • which of them do require google play services ?
  • which of them can i use alternatively in the browser ?
    native or android browser ?

banking apps do often require stuff that wont run on sailfishos, but i NEVER do banking on my phone. a) it sucks to type in all the small digits, b) if i loose my phone, i do not wanna have traces of my banking details on the phone …
so one solution could be: u use your app only on your laptop or you use it in browser

i wanted to use dual boot a year ago and it did not work for me then. it might working better now. i had to learn about fastboot / adb / sideloading / recovery …

waydroid: installation of waydroid was pretty easy for me. i can run deezer and corona app in it. you i start it, use it for an hour. stop it
but that is all i need it for.

if you have say facebook and whatsap and it should run all the time … i am not sure if it is the way to go.

waydroid: (cert is currently outdated)

boot manager:



Waydroid is also listed in Chum, Waydroid itself plus 5 additional components: 2 gbinders, runner, sensors and settings.

I wish more people thought about it that way! :slight_smile:

I am not sure if it’s the solution you need or want to hear but this is the story on my phone at the moment :

  • Has LineageOS 16.x as the base Android ROM
  • On top of this I have got Jolla Sailfish 3.4.x running.
  • When I flash LineageOS 16.x boot.img back then LineageOS 16.x boots.
  • When I flash /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/boot/hybris-boot.img back then Jolla Sailfish boots again!

So maybe you can check if something like that is possible for your phone ?!

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