How to fit Coverbackground?

CoverBackground {
transparent: true
allowResize : true

CoverPlaceholder {
    id: coverHolder
    icon.source: "../img/ambience.png"

Original-Picture (1920 x 1920):

I try different things but the Cover-Background-Image will always be displayed not fit to the Widget-Tile.

I don’t know much about SF coding, but this is from another app:
CoverPlaceholder { forceFit: true icon.source: ...

Leads sadly to this:

Use Image QML ( Image QML Type | Qt Quick 6.3.0 )

Using ‘anchors.fill: parent’ and ‘fillMode: Image.PreserveFit’ or ‘Crop’

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Looks good. The Link you provide is part of the Sailfish SDK i found out now, sorry for the disturbing.