How to find out app size?

Kennt jemand einen einfachen Weg, die Größe der einzelnen SFOS-Apps zu ermitteln?
Ich hatte einige Probleme beim letzten Upgrade und musste dafür u.a. Platz freischaufeln. Idealer weise könnte man zukünftig bei den dicksten Apps anfangen - falls nochmal notwendig.

Does anybody know an easy way to find out the size of each SFOS-app?
I had some problems with upgrading last time and a.o. had to free a lot of space therefore. Ideally one could start clearing in future with the biggest apps - if necessary again.

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You could change the number after the head command to show more than 10 rpms.

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Thanks for the Link. It’s a starting point but not an easy way.
I thought more about an app like “Mem!” (outdated and was only for ram/cpu usage). Best would be an integration into the apps overview in system-config → apps or system-config → system → diskspace.

there is the handy app space inspector


Nice tool. With root → usr → bin one can see some indication for the app size at least.