How to export Contacts?


I’m currently trying to export my contacts from my XA2 with SFOS 4.4. Is there an easy way to do this en masse?

I dont really know how to use the Terminal application so looking for a quick & simple option.


You shall have an option “Select contacts” (or similar – I am running localized version) from a pull down menu in Contacts app. Once this is selected You can pick “Select all” from pulley menu in the next view and you have a Share icon in the bottom toolbar. I never used this scenario, was just curious.

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Thats what I had been trying all morning… :frowning:

Had expected I could simply send to the new phone via bluetooth but it appears not to want to work…it will let me bluetooth pics to the new phone but not Contacts…there must be an easy way to do this surely???

Fixed! After the 9,817th reboot of the XA2, its finally managed to bluetooth the contacts over! Woohoo!

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Thanks very much @smyru , worked fine! After ‘select all’, share, e-mail to my own address, now I have a .vcf file with my contacts as a backup.

Use backup packs sms etc in one archive and it contains contacts in vcf file too :slight_smile:

It is actually not mentioned anywhere, but i backed up all messages and contacts from a Xperia X to a Xperia 10 II, by simply doing a backup and restoring it on the other device. It worked and is totally simple :slight_smile:

Or even easier:

devel-su -p vcardconverter -e contacts.vcf

And for calendar

devel-su -p icalconverter export filename.ics