How to enable Page forward button in Browser?

Coming from iOS’s walled garden, I had 2 app needs on any other OS. Those were Bandcamp and Signal. Both I can acquire over Aurora Store. Whereas Signal I was even more important.

The additional Download of a full fledged Firefox Browser, or so I thought, with ublock was icing on the cake.

However just like the Jolla Browser, there is only a page backwards and no page forward button. Does that meen, that just like with iOS, any installed substitute browser is in its functions based on the main browser?
Sadly one always has to go to Hamburger menu to jump a page forward. An inconvenience, but not ideal.

Is there a way to add that button or is it just inconvenient as it is?

TLDR: Do additiinal Browsers take their settings from the Jolla Browser? If true, how can one add a page forward button?

No, firefox mobile just doesn’t have a forward button independently.
There used to be a patch “browser history swipes” that allowed to navigate back and forth by swiping the url filed, but sadly it doesn’t work anymore.

There is a forward button in sailfish browser, but it’s kind of hidden, probably for neatness knowing Jolla.

Open a webpage like and add your country.

At the bottom of the page, there is a bar with “today | hourly | 10 day | week radar”, click on one of these options. Now you have a left arrow (back) on the URL bar. Now use the left arrow to go back to the previous page.

Now click on the 3 horizontal lines icon on the right of the URL address bar, you should see 4 icons at the bottom of that menu, you should see a right facing arrow, this is forward.


The Sailfish WebView docs have a “goForward()”-method, so apps based on the Jolla browser engine can do this. But like in real life there are more points to deal with. For my little browser app (Ielig:Web) I created own functions for url-navigation and history. So you can do the url-navigation with swipes. And after a crash you can continue your session with the stored history.

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No this is not the iOS situation. Browsers can have their own independent rendering engines, definitely the Firefox you downloaded from Aurora store. That’s just the browser as it is on Android.

Try Opera browser.

It is, in my opinion, the best browser for a mobile device.

The ability to pinch and zoom text and have that text automatically reflow on the screen saving you having to swipe left and right to read along the lines of text is worth it weight in gold.

P.S. Opera has the forward and back arrows like you were asking about.